Maybe there's just no place for anyone else

Cob: An audition for what?
Saito: It doesn't matter. You failed.

Since that's the only place we'll be together

A: I guess, yeah.

Tell me in my dream this early dawn

Cob: Until fisher lies I will find him there.
          You need to hurry cause the entire army head direct.
          Someone else is there.

The only three roles I cared about

Cob: Different tail.

is flashing back right in front of my eyes

Indian: THey used to, Mr. COb.

Z.J.,I knew it's too late now but I have to ask

Arther: Cause the van will be in freefall, I can't drop you without the gravity.

But now you are gone

Cob: So can we get there in an hour?

Who played my role of mourners,daughter and friend

Saito: ....that you are here to steal from me, or...that we are actually asleep.
             I want to know the name of your employer.

I am in pain right now

Cob: An idea. Resilient highly contagious, once an idea is taken and hold in the brain it is almost impossible to eradicate. An idea that is fully formed , fully understood, that sticks right there in somewhere.

And you have been a part of me for my whole life

A: Then you go to steal it?

How are you?

Eames: Let me just....

An idea you have to implant

Cob:The reason I knew that inception was possible was because I did that to her first, planted to my wife.

I believed I had In fact, I, in this world, is another me

Arther: Not a maze, better than maze.

We would be together We would never be apart

Eames: I am working on that.

You have to get away with

Cob: By taking over the creating part, now this is what I need you.
         You create the world of that dream, we bring the subject into that dream and they fill it with their subconscious.
(在fisher任务中,三层梦境的设计师全部都是小女孩,目标人物全部都是fisher,第一层梦境的枪战,第二层梦境的酒店失重力搏斗和第三层的雪地大战都发生在Cob小组和fisher’s subconscious之间)

I don't wanna you get too crowded

A: the truth that in any minute you might bring a free train to your world, the truth that Mal is bursting through your subconscious, and the truth that as we go deeper into fisher, we are also going deeper into you. And I am not sure we are gonna like what we find.

The real me is with you somewhere

Arther: Cause I still have some time on the clock, you can't wake up when you are in the dream unless you die.

who planted the idea that lead to your death eventually

Cob: I know what's real, Mal.

Everything feels so real You are perfect

Fisher: Just, just make him stop.

I keep telling myself I have more important things to do

Cob: I want to apologize on your getting hurt. Where is Nasha?
Arther: He hasn't showed, we will wait.

used to be you

A: So, what happend you to?

Death exists, not on the other end, but a part of life

A: she is just a projection. Fisher, fisher is real !!

P.S. written on the day I missed my B.A. graduation ceremony. Instead, went to swim with E,L and TT. Well, to hell with it, it's just not even close to what I cared. Little bit of upset about the 100 bucks I will never see again. It's not worth it even in the end. Mission accomplished so perfectly in the end. What a pathetic loser.

Saito: Cob, I know it's you. We were young man together. But I am an old man.....

What really matters to me

COb: If I get down this plan, and you don't honor our agreement, when we land, I go to jail for the rest of my life.

In so many moments

Arther: You are gonna have to master some few tricks and we are gonna go three complete dreams of it.
            Excuse me.

I don't give a damn about anything any more

Eames: Great. So now we are trapped in fisher's mind battling his own private army and if we get killed, we will be lost into limbo to ??????

I'll come to find you one day

Arther: There goes Mr. Charles.

I wanna never wake up


Truth is just another type of lie

Arther: About that dream, Mal showed up.

would you take a leap of faith for me?

Cob: NO, I just am running some experiments.
          I don't realize that anyone was here.

20 seasons passed by

A: Why not?

Was the thought you held like the "Inception"

Cob: Step back to the room, all right , don't take care of this.

Kiss you goodnight~~wait up

Fisher: It has something to do with some....something to do with a safe, God it was so hard to remember, I will try.

How many times I dreamed of you and me

Arther: How we are gonna feel a kick with this kinda sedation?

That day I cannot forget for one second

A: No you can't do this.

Was I "Cobb" to you

Eames: Arther, he still works in that...

I've played the idea to have gone with you for countless times

A: It's 10 years. Who would want to be stuck in the dream for ten years?

Who are you to tell what's wrong and what's right

Cob: No idea is simple when you need to plant it into somebody else's mind.

A world you cannot resist but yet

Cob: Get us another seat on the plane.

Reality is not good enough

Fisher:Why are you here?

But 5 years I have accomplished nothing

Fisher: Maybe not, can you pull over and get this .....
             There is 500 dollars in there, the wallet worth more than that.
             So you might as well drop me....

An idea you need to deliver

Cob: How do you know that?

5 years have come and gone

Cob: Are you offering me the choice, cause I can find my own way to square things with Cobbo.

Lost track of time while regretting and blaming

Cob: ?????, Eames.
          Did Eames add any features?

One person you love but cannot be together

Mal: How could you understand? Do you know what it is to be a lover?
         You be half of the whole? I'm tellling you I am real. You are waiting for a train, the train that would take you far away. You know where you hope this train will take you. But you don't know for sure. But it doesn't matter, how can it not matter to you when the train won't take you?

Indian: I trusted him.

Cob: Not as he is suppose to have an operation?

COb: GO check if he is alive.

Cob: If this is my dream, why can't I control all these?

Eames: Disguisting, cause the only way we will stay you ask him solve generator.

Cob: Jesus Christ.
          You put ????? a free train.

Arther: Ok, Make sure you do, will you? You've to work.

Arther: You are right.

Cob: For I describe the job, I have to know you can do it.

Arther: I got somebody standing in your father's office right now ready to type in the combination. Give me the first 6 numbers that come into your head right now.

Cob: Something like 50 years.

Eames: That's why we come in, How is robert fisher's relationship with his father?

A: He is a lot pain.

Indian: Look they are here, share the dream.
            You see, very stable.

Arther: Couldn't have a pee before you went under?

Fisher: Oh,..a ,a combination. They demanded the first numbers that pops in my head.

Cob: She thought they were projections, that our real children are waitng for us there somewhere.

Eames: Not enough time.

Mal: You can't have him.

Cob: I will.

2. 为什么当所有人从飞机上醒来的时候那个睡眠机器没了?Cob醒来后看四周,Arther朝他会心一笑,这个很好理解,可是小女孩的表情又怎么解释呢,两手捧着书看着Cob一脸茫然,这是不是可以理解成所有事情都是Cob在飞机上的一个梦,而其他人都是飞机上的乘客而已呢?因为从飞机上醒来后Cob就再没有和其他人讲过话了。

A: NO I didn't

1. 根据戒指理论,电影里所有梦境Cob左手都有戒指而在现实中,如飞机上,巴黎学校,东京的直升机场等Cob左手都没有戒指,而最后出LA飞机场和回家的时候Cob是没有戒指的!所以最后是现实中,陀螺最后是会倒的。

Cob: Like I told you, we had lots of time.

Eames: How long?

Arther: He's gonna help us breaking his own subconscious.

A:His ex-wife?

Cob: I will split up my father's empire. Now, this is obviously an idea the robert should be inject.

COb: You need a totem.

Indian: Sedation. For sleep. simple enough to creat three levels of dreams after combined with the extremely powerful acciditive.

COb: Before starting apart, the plan is dying for God sake.

Eames: Take too much free champaign before we take off, isn't it?

B(E): I heard them. They are gonna lock us into that van and drive it into the river.

Philip:Grandma says you are never gonna be back.

A: Do you think you can just build a prison of memories to lock her in?
     Do you really think that's gonna contain her?

Arther: The only thing is we deform the building into entire city.
            But they have to be complicated enough that we can ???? the projections.

Mal: If I go without you, you can take them away anywhere.

Eames: %$@&^!@$....

Cob: I am gonna go visit Eames.

Cob: No, just you.
          It isn't great I tell you , if you keep changing things like this.

Arther: I will leave them on a merry chase.

Cob: What is he doing?

(个人认为这个镇静剂(sedation)就是之前的powerful compound,也是能深入梦境三层但是死后去limbo的原因)

Fisher: No, he never, he never gave me any combination.

Women: Am I boring you? I was telling you my story, because wasn't you like it?

Cob: Yes, we can, you just need to go deep enough.

Cob: hold on.
          If I would do this, if I even could do it. I need a garantee. How do I know you can deliver?

Arther: So, a totem, you need a small object potentially having something you could have on your old time, but no one else could....

A: You try to keep her alive, you can't let her go.

Cob: That's enough.

A: How can you ever acquire any detail to make them think that is reality.

Cob: That has nothing to do with that,I did what I had to do to get back to my children.

Eames: Saito, I need you to take care of fisher when I go for some charges, OK?

Saito: We are the last company standing between them, a total energy dominance.
            We can no longer compete, you will control the energy supply afterwards. In effect, they will become a new superpower, the world needs Robert Fisher to change his mind.

Browing: No, no, no, I think, we should.
                How was he? I don't want to bother you unnecessarily.
                What is this? THe church memory of this?

Cob: Not in your dream.

A: 60 minutes.

A: How long could we be stuck there?

Arther: Yes in the dream state, your conscious defences are lower that makes your thoughts vulnerable to threft. It's called "extraction".

Arther: We have dealt with sub-security before, be only to more careful we are gonna be fine.

A: Who are the people?

A: these are not just dreams., these are memories and you said never use memories.

Fisher: All right.

Indian: not from this one.

A: you built all these? This is incredible.

Mal: The smallest idea such as, your world is not real. A simple thought that changes everything. I am so certain of your world, of what's real, do you think he is? Are you thinking this is his last design?

Cob: Mr. Fisher, pleasure to see you again, Ryan Green from marketing high.
         And you must be?

(level three, snow fort)
Eames: Cob did you hear that? He only has no more than 20 minutes. I don't know what's going up there.

Fisher: 52.....

Arther: It's a gamble that he designed to turn fisher against his own subconscious.

Saito: you don't, but i can, so do you want to take a labor faith?
           Or become an old man, filled with regret, wating to die alone.
           Assemble your team Mr cob, and choose your people all wisely.

A: No, to find Saito.

Eames: Have you done that before?

Arther: How we are gonna reconcile them for soul strength?

Eames: SO what shall we do?

Cob: It's no use threating, I'm in a dream, right Mal ?

Arther: just raw infinite subconscious, nothing is down there. Except whatever might be left behind by anyone sharing the dream who is been trapped there before.
              Which in our case, this is you.

Saito: COb, I will still honor the arrangement.

Secretary: Marine species' policy is always one of the boarding vidication.

Fisher: I am out of my mind.

Cob: Waiting to die, alone.

Saito: Now the envelope, Mr. Cob.

Fisher: Yeah.

A: so they are gonna attack us?

Arther: No, she is dead. You just see in there is just his projection there.

Arther: Cover him, come on.
             Are you all right?

Indian: How did it work? Mr COb.

Arther: He won't tell me, I think it's Mal.

Cob: Guilt, I feel guilt mal, no matter what I do, no matter how hopeless I am, no matter how confused, that guilt, is always there reminding me the truth.

Mal: DOn't you think I can tell the difference?

Arther: We can use the music to synchronize different kicks.

Browning (Eames): Those bastards have been bad at me for two days.
                             They have some access to your father's office then try to open his safe.

Cob: well the truth you want fisher own it.

Cob: We were working together, we were exploring the concept of a dream within a dream, I kept pushing thing, I want to go deeper and deeper, and I want to go further, I didn't understand the concept that hours and turn into years down there. When we got trapped so deep, when we lay upon the short room subconscious, we lost sight of what is real, we created, we built thing by ourselves. We did that for years, we built our own world.

Indian: Not possible, I mean the dream within dreams is too unstable.

Arther: Forgive me for wanting a little specificities. Specificity !

Saito: An audition.

Eames: Exactly.

Arther: Eames? He is in Monbasa.
            That's Cobbo's backyard.

indian: A dream within a dream, two levels.

Saito: Not if their one expects to maintenance this way this time.

Cob: It is , possible. You need have that assititive.

Plane attendant: Do you need immigration form?

Cob: After a while it becomes the way you can't dream.

B(E): He was in the emotion.

Eames: Your consesion as always is much appreciated, Thank you.

Cob: Actually the subject is Partial Deposwal British Paintings.Please , have a seat.

Indian: This I think is a good place to start, I use that everyday.

Indian: I will put the music on you when it's coming, the rest all knew.
           You ready?

Fisher: I don't know.

Arther: Are you serious?

Cob: She was certain there was nothing I could do no matter I much I've made no matter how much I pleaded. She wanted to do it, she could not do it alone she loved so much, so she came up with the plan. On our anniversary......

COb: It has nothing to do with you.

Cob: We can't get work based solely on rumors, can we?

Cob: you taught me to navigate people's mind. But have to what happened, they ran the whole out of the legitimated ways for me to use that skill.

Fisher: Well, what then?

A: Will you going under on your own?

Cob: you didn't like your office, did you?

A:Am I trusting you to do with this is gonna happen, I mean Mal is gonna be down there.

Indian: Three or four hours, each day. For this compound.
             24 hours, each day.

A: What?

Cob: Hey guys, hey. How are you, how are you doing , Ah ?

fisher: I am sorry..

Indian: Which is?

Cob: No, not yet.

Indian: Depends on the dream.

A: you can't stay here to be with her.


Cob: That's the last place they suspect.

Arther: What's she doing there?

Eames: Oh, yeah, I am sorry.

A: Jesus, how could you stay ?

Arther: Come, Looks like I'm gonna have to do the stuff more simply.

Saito: Go fisher.
(level one, rainning city)
Indian: I hope you are ready.

Arther: This should be more unique, this is a lead dice.
            I can't let you touch it that would faint the purpose. ?????
            that way when you look at your totem you know whether you are in someone else's dream.
(有人提出Cob的totem是陀螺,转不转很容易分辨,那Arther的灌铅骰子怎么用,结合Cob对于梦境其实是梦中人永远都走不完的莫比乌斯环这一理论,灌铅骰子在现实中会出现随机数,在梦中则会出现 123456,123456,123456。。。。的无止境循环数)
A: if you can't see what's going on, or if you just don't want to. Cob has some serious problems that he's trying to bury down there. And I am not about to just open my mind to someone like that.

Saito: That's not your concern.

Saito: No, I will come back. I prefer to be young man together again.

Cob: In case one of us brings our projections, we don't want them knowing the details of maze.

Arther: Why does Browning say you do?

father: design it yourself.

A: why would we wake up?

COb: You said you are kidnapped together?

Cob:To take a leap of faith at the end. Come back, so we can be young man together again. Come back with me, come back.....

Cob: No, don't show me specifics, only the dreamer should know the layer.

Arther: What about security, it's gonna get worse when we go deeper.

A: so what?

A: work wizard?

Arther: hey, hey, look at me, you are ok, you are ok?

Cob: You didn't plant it deep enough?

Father: This way.
             Look who is here?

A: This is your world?

Eames: No problem. How about a lovely lady that I used before?

Eames: Yeah I am ok, I am ok ,fisher is ok, let's get some carsick.

A: No there is still another way, we just have to follow fisher down there.

Cob: Saito we can train your subconscious to defend itself from even the most skilled extractor.

A: I designed the place.

Browning: Shall we worship concerns with Mories ??????

Cob: Projections of my subconscious.
          Remember you are the dreamer, you built this world, I am the subject , my mind populates.
          You can literally talk to my subconscious, that's ????

Arther: And you, you knew about this, why don't tell me?

Cob: And you saw them torture him?

Eames: His relationship with his father.
              Do you have a canvass?

Eames: Reference is ah.... Something the speciality for me , Mr saito.

Cob: you have to understand Mr.Saito, the coporation that hired us, they won't accept failure. We won't last to days.

A: why are they all looking at me?

Cob: Mal, GOd damn it, don't do that.

Cob: I 've done it before.

Cob: This is the only way to go through layers deep.

Arther: Where are you gonna be?

father: if you have a moment, mr cob has a job offer he would like to discuss with you.

Arther: You are the architect.

Arther: Robert should accompany the body now it is Tuesday.

Arther: where did it come from?

Cob: Let's ask you a question, why the hell we were ambushed? Those were not normal projections fisher had been trained for god sakes.

Cob: I am coming back for you, for my children, or something....Something you wants new, this world is not real.....

A: Wait, whose subconscious are we going into this after ?

Saito: filled with regret...

Cob: it 's not true.

Saito: They come in everyday and sleep.

Cob: Don't tell me to calm down.
          This is your job god damn it, this is your responsibility, You and Mege check fisher's background thoroughly, we are not prepared for this type of fighting!

Arther: You see, she is Mrs. Cob.

Cob: I know, sorry, in my load they are maybe sniffing out of jobs.
         Let's quiet down, you, send my regards.

Cob: I am here to protect you......they try to access your mind through dreams, you are not safe here. I am coming for you.
         Strange weather, isn't it?

Saito: why do they do it?

A:Yeah, I cross it everyday to get to the college.

Cob: Let's set the charges.

Cob: this is the only way I can still dream.

Saito: Are you all right? Mr. Cob?

Cob: Someone from my half-remembered dream.

Saito: Why?

Nasha: it wasn't my fault.

Cob: Here , take a look, So you are learning, Ah....

Arther: No, I will judge it for myself. You are all asleep in 528. That ruins your suite as a kick.

Arther: They are getting closer.

Cob: Maybe, you are on, you've got an hour.

A: Cob can't build anymore, can he?

Cob: Arther keeps telling me it can't be done.

A: If you got a drop, you have to know, right?

Cob: This is not interesting, you understand?

Cob: We are done, I am sorry.

Cob: This is your dream, I need you to drag the securities away from the complex, you understand?

Cob: That's a necessary risk.

Cob: I will be listening the whole time, the windows on the upper floor pick enough for me to cover you from the south tower, you see it?

Cob: Yes, we miss it.

Cob: imaging you are designing a building, right? You consciously create a ????, but sometimes it feels like it almost creates itself if you know what i mean.

Eames: Which is why you have to make a little motivations which is very acceptable to himself, so in case your subject has prejudice, we might have to start from the absolute basic.

A: So why you needed me to build your dreams?

A: You reconstructed all of these from memory?

Cob: What's your problem with this Mr fisher.

fisher: All right.

A: But why don't you approve?

Nasha: God your space isn't the same world.

A: why not?

A: Eames, Eames, give fisher a ?????? (music.....)
     Did Mal kill fisher?

Mal: I freed you from the fear of chosing to leave them.
        We are going home. With our children.

Cob: Just buy us some time, all right?

A:Don't lose yourself, find Saito, bring him back.

Saito: Thursday. In LA.

A: why can't you go home?

Cob: Yes.

Cob: I want you take me there.
在电影开始的saito任务中Cob小组没用powerful compound只用了睡眠机所以在梦中死掉会醒来,但同时最多只能进入第二层,但是植入概念比窃取难,所以要走三层梦境,因此必须使用powerful compound,但同时付出的代价就是在梦中死掉不会醒来而是进入limbo。)

Cob: That is a very inspiring figure, I am sorry for your loss.
          Here you go, hey, to your father.

Mal:You betrayed me. We can still keep your promise, you can still be together right here, in the world we built together.

Saito: RObert, fisher, ?????????

Cob: I can't imaging.

Cob: No one meant to be any risks, I didn't know we will be dealing with a load of gunfire.

A: What's happening?

Eame: plus you lost your tail. ????

Mal: Then we can.

A: nice to meet you.

COb: If I stay here, will you let them go?

father: come back to reality, tom, please.

Mal: ?????

Cob: Right.

Arther: With Mal?

Saito:How can you do that?

Arther: We have all the good authority, you do know.

Arther: Saito?

Cob: We need the ear of a major corporation to dissolve his father's empire.

Cob: they say we only use a fraction of the brain's true potential now, that's when we were awake. When we are asleep, our minds can be standing.

Cob: you can't fix that, no one can.

Indian: No, powerful assititive.
             How many team members?

Arther: How did you put a train course in the middle of downtown intersection?

father: I think they might find a way to make you work in your case.

Mal: How you've faked my mind?

Cob: You know what that is? Mr. Fisher?

Arther: How can I drop you without gravity?

A: This guide can teach you find fisher.

Cob: No, I specialize in a very specific type of security. Subconscious security.

A: what We can destroy is one possible relationship?

Eames: This worth a shot, besides there is another guy if I set the charges.

Saito: .......

Cob: Right, you are with me.

Cob: They are trying to put you under.

Arther: You had done it before, what , with Mal? Cause that worked so good ?

Mal: Put the gun down. Please.

Eames: maybe we can share.

Eames: Can you get me an access to this man?

arther: Not good.

A: What kind of tricks?

Cob: Don't have time for this, did he add anything?

Cob: That's what we are gonna figure out, right? The Robert's relationship with his father is stressed in Saito list.

Cob: So I week first level down, 6 month a second level. third dream....

B(E): What? Mories told me that when he passes, you would be the only to be able to open that.

Arther: But there is nothing quite like that.

Fisher: What do you mean, a dream within a dream.

Cob: She will be back, I've never seen anyone who picked it up such quickly before. Reality is not gonna be enough for her now when she comes back.
          When she comes back you are gonna have her building mazes.

Children: Daddy, Daddy......

Mal: You are waiting for a train, the train that won't take you far away, you know about this, but you are not sure, it doesn't matter.

A: wake me up, wake me up.....

Saito: &%^$#!@$, how did you find it?

Eames: Backyard.

Cob: It's not the way I do with things.
         What will you do with him?

A: Why is it so important to dream.

James: Where?

Cob: That might work.

Arther: There are plenty of good thieves.

Arther: Asshole, you missed up the carpet.

Cob: Not the basic layout, bookstore, cafe, almost everything else is here too.

Arther:You, what the hell was all that?

Eames: one hour? I wasn't suppose to have ???? to crack this.


A: What about your children?

Cob: While we are in Paris. We need a new architect.

saito: Rumor is the relationship is quite complicated.

Cob: Inception, for you, you might be telling me it's impossible.

Cob: NO, they don't.

Cob: mal won't let me.

Cob: yes, it is.

A: How will you bring fisher back?

A: yeah, like, I am discoverying it.

Saito: COmplete the job I will to,%$&!#$*&....
            You will have no trouble getting immigration.

Saito: I bought airplane. It seems neat.....

Arther: Cause it involves telling him that he is dreaming, which involves attracting a lot of attention to us.

Cob: These memory will set you and reduct you , all right? if you want my help, you have to remain calm. I need you to work with me, Mr. Fisher.

Mal: If I jump, will I survive?

COb: What for?

Saito: Inception, is possible?

Mal: You know where you want to be, you know what you have to do. You remember when you asked me to marry you.

A: What's a kick?

A: Why?

Arther: That helps us hell.

Cob: think about it Ariadeni, how did you get here?
         Where are we right now?

Fisher: Consolid have try built a god damn beach, ah?

Mal: I am the only thing you don't believe in any more?

Cob: that is my subconscious, remember I can't control it.
         Are you impressive?
          I know this bridge, this place is real , isn't it?

Cob: of course , I do.

Cob: this is 100 design in the dream, right? I want you give us another 5 minutes.

Cob: Not like you.

Fisher: Security, Aah,,,, you work for the hotel?

Cob: Remember we want to give this more time on each level.

Cob: No, cause I think positive emotion forms negative emotion everytime.
          We offer room for reconciliation, catharsis. We need robert fisher that would positive emotional reaction to office.

cob: they don't actually come into the dream, they just design the levels and ????the dream, that's all.

Fisher: Not exactly, they already had him, they were torturing him.

Saito: Six. The only way to know you have done the job is by running with you.

Cob: A kick

Cob: mine and Mal's , yes.

Arther: SO once we've made the plant, how would we get out?
             Mind looking for something from your elegant mind than shooting me in the head?

Cob: This is the house Mal grew up.

Eames: In the top level, we are gonna break his relationship with his father, say, I would not follow in my father's footsteps. Then the next level down, feed him, I would create something for myself, then by the time in the bottom level we bring out the big guns.

Eames: He is in agony I am waking him up.

Cob: that is never just a dream, isn't it?

Cob: This is the hotel suite we used to spend our anniversary.

father: no space to think in a blue cabinet.
             is it safe that you will be here?

A: Would she like him in real life?

Cob: We need some kind of distraction.

Arther: It's getting worse, isn't it?

Cob: Excuse me I think this is yours? You droped it.

Saito: Waiting to die alone....

Mal:Fisher is on the porch.

Cob: Which is what?

Cob: What does that mean?

Cob: Yes, yes,yes, I am , I am fine.

A: When were you in the limbo? You might have the rest of team convinced to carry on with this job but they don't know the truth.

Arther: Time's up.

cob: I have a test for you.

A: what the hell is down there?

Arther: Cob said you will be back.

A: what's down there that you regret?

COb: Well then they need a new room, a more direct room.

Arther: This is the time you notice how much time Cob spends doing things he says never to do.

Cob: What are you doing in Monbasa?

(airport, reality)
cop: welcome home, Mr cob.

Cob: good shooter. This has no use. His minds have all attracted down there, it's all over.

Cob:I wish, I wish more than anything, but, I can't imaging you without all your complexity, all your perfection, all your inperfection. Look at you, you are just a shade, you are just a shade of my real life. I want the best I can do, I am sorry you are just not good enough.
        What are you doing?

A: RObert can I go with you?

Cob: Let's see what you can do.

A: well we just came from the Ah....

B(E): That's the ultimate. ???? if you wanted to.
          It splits up the component businesses of Fisher Morrel and be the end of the entire empire as we know it.

Arther: This music warns me, and then when the van hits the barrier of the bridge, that should be all immistakable. So we get a nice synchronized kick. It's too soon , we won't get pulled out, if it's too late, you won't be able to drop us.

Cob: walk away.

Saito: Turn around !

Arther: Shut up, it won't be, in your father's office below the bookshelf this is his personal safe. We need the combination.

Eames: Because how he acts will tell us if fisher is done to suspect his artist's loyalty.

Arther: Three layers down, dream is to be collapsed with the slightest disturbance.

Eames: Useful?

Cob: why don't you see what you can get up to in five minutes ?

Mal: I filed a letter with our attorney, explaining how I am fearful for my safety. How you are gonna kill me.

Secretary: I don't think it's necessary.

Mal: Tell me , did the children miss me ?

Cob: Thank you.

Cob: Take fisher with you all right.

A: such as?

Cob: Get some fresh air, stay where you are, Mal.
          God, damn it.

Cob: A compromise, listen there is something you should know about me. About the inception.
         An idea is like virus, resilient highly contagious, a small seed of an idea grows up, It can grow into a fine for destroying you.

Eames: Who is Mr. Charles?

Cob: Right away, follow me.

Arther: You do, hey, are you all right?

father: you are here to corrupt one of my brightest and best.

Arther: Good authority.

Fisher: In his own way, at the end, he called me to his death bed, he could barely speak, but he took trouble to tell me one last thing, he pulled me close, and I could only make on one word........"disappointed".

A: Your guilt defines her. It's what powers her. But you are not responsible for the idea that destroyed her. If we are gonna succeed in this, you have to forgive yourself you have to confront her. But you don't have to do that alone, then doing it for the others because they have no idea the risk they are taking coming down there with you.

A: What do you mean it has nothing to do with me? You asked me to share a dream with you.

A: Who and what is Mr. Charles?

A: He didn't come say he was gonna do that.

A: you like to tell me anything about this first?

COb: Three.

Cob: I think that must be flying privately.

Fisher: Yeah. I think so.

Eames: What next kick?

Eames: That's not just about depth, you know, you need the simplest version of the idea.
               Let it to grow naturally in your subject's mind. That's very ?????, So what is this idea did you need to plant?

Cob: No one said it's getting worse, I need to get home, that's all I care about right now.

Cob: OK. Let's talk about this, right?

Fisher: You are not real.

Saito: My main competitor is an old man in poor health, his son will soon in hurry control of the corporation. I need him to decide to break up his father's empire.

Cob: Cause building a dream from your memory is the easiest way to lose your grasp on what's real and what is a dream.

A: What is this place?

Arther: Cause at seven forty-seven the pilots are up top so we can walk through, you don't have to buy up the entire cap and the first class flight room.

Eames: I am sorry, Math is not my best subject.
               How much time was it?

Saito: Sydney to Los Angeles, One of the longest flights in the world. He makes it every two weeks.

Cob: I promise my answer no.

Mal: You are waiting for a train.

Cob: There is great.

Mal: I know who you are, what are you doing here?

Eames: you never know.

Eames: Resume , surgery schedule and dental nothing.

Saito: Hey, oh , Mr.COb.

Arther: Of course not.

(Arther原来在梦境二层是准备在491房贴炸弹让上面528房的人突然下坠来Kick其他人离开雪地梦境的,但这个必须在第一层的印度人开车撞桥栏杆之前进行,这样所有人在第二层等着第一层车子猛烈撞击栏杆来kick就行了,没想到第一层敌人火力太大,印度人坚持的时间比预定的少,所以撞击提前了,雪地的Cob等人就miss the kick了,所以Arther在听到歌曲时说了一声“Not so soon”,因为他来不及了,于是就只能拆除炸弹,在车子落水之前用电梯方法来kick了。)

Cob: Among dreams, they feel real when we are in them right? So when we wake up, then we realize that something was actually strange.
         Let me ask you a question, you never really remember the beginning of the dream , do you? you always wide up right in the middle of what's going on.

Cob: I appreciate, saito, but when we wake up you could not even remember we had an arrangement. Limbo is gonna become your reality, you are gonna be lost down there so long that you are gonna become an old man.

Fisher: Ok, can you get me out here?

Cob: They are trying to extract the number from your subconscious, it can represent anything, we are in the hotel right now, what is the number Mr. Fisher, trying remember for me, this is very important.

Arther: So we give them solved idea.

Cob: That's enough, my person has been out there, fifth floor.

Eames: Well, Frady, Frady Soom, Oh my god, it's you, isn't it?
              No , it isn't him....

COb: When we get down to the lower levels, the pain will be less intense.

Cob: Do not come with me, you are gonna find out the truth about your father, you are gonna break into Browning's mind on your own.

Eames: NO. We prepared for basically his father, but this is specializing his godfather's treatment. ?????

Fisher: I know that you are disappointed that I couldn't be you.

A: Then if he dies?

Eames: Listen, if you are gonna perform inception, you need imagination.

Cob: We both want to live in a house, we love this type of building, in real world we have to choose but not here.

Eames: forget it, we run any deep we're just running into stakes, I am sitting this when I am on this level, of course.

Arther: Eames, I now trust you.

Eames: you must have a big dream, darling.

Browning: I couldn't let you rise to your father's last tout.

Cob: Let me ask you something.
         Have you done it before?

INdian: No I've really known the field , Mr Cob.

Arther: You had no right.

Arther: con, com'on.

Arther: You wait, it's running ugly.
            I don't like to feel some machine messing around than Mal.

Arther: That's what the military develop the dream share as the training program, the soldiers to ???? each other and wake up.

Cob: Synchronize a kick that can penetrate all three levels.

Saito: It's time. Mories Fisher just died in Sydney.

Mal: How can you run your hair down?

A: How long were you stuck there?

fisher: The same.
            Thank you.

Cob: Only use details, a street, or a phone, never get areas.

A: They are still together?

Mal: Hello.

Cob: She has already gone.
          This is my son James, he's taking for something, maybe a worm, this is Philip, see I thought about calling out to them, so they return, smile, I can see those beautiful faces up there. But, it's all to late.

Arther: The combination.

Cob: She had herself declared sane by three different phychiatrist, It makes me impossible to try to explain the nature of the dream. So, I ran.

Saito: I am amusingly say yes.

A:what is she talking about?

Cob: Good, explain them.

Indian: Yeah, I will show you.
            Perhaps you won't want to see.

Indian: I don't even think about trying to escape ....

Philip: She is shaking her head.

Cob: Sweetheart, what are you doing?

Mal: what are you doing here?

Fisher: I don't know any safe.

Cob: Hello.

Eames: that boy's relation with his father even was ????

Cob: James, we talked about this, Mummy is not here anymore.

A:COb, come on, you've gonna try this.

Fisher: Oh, there was a....there was a lot of gunfire, it was rainning, oh....
             I was got kidnapped.

Cob: After you.

Cob: We are going into Fisher's we told him it was Browning's so he can be a part of our team.

Women: Leaving. In case you get bored.

Cob: Sorry about your leg, it won't happen again.

Cob:That wasn't so bad at first feeling like Gods. Problem was none there was real, eventually just became impossible for me to live like that.

Cob:I think I found a way home.
         it's a job for some very very powerful people, people who i believe can fix my charges permanently. but i need your help.

Driver: asshole...

Cob: Well, where do they hold you?

Arther: Cob is drawing fisher's attention of the strangeness of the dream, which makes his subconscious look for the dreamer....for me. quick, give me a kiss.

Arther: What happened?

Mal: I love you, Cob.

A: Who wants to do it?

Cob: I am just doing what I know, I am doing what you taught me.

Fisher: After my mother died, you know what he told me? Robert, there is really nothing, to be said.

Fisher: Jesus Crist, what are you doing?

Cob: That doesn't mean you don't know the combination.
         Tell us what it is.

Cob: listen there is only one thing you need to understand about me.

Cob: That's the kick out there.

Arther: Bad idea.

cob: I was trying to save you.

COb: When is the funeral?

Cob: What do you want from us?

Arther: No , not ex.

Browning: Good look friend, I am sure.

Mal: And the wake is the only escape.

Arther: This room should be directly below 528.

A: He is here, it's the time, you have to come now.

Cob: He is good at what he does, right?

Eames: right, so what happens when we die?

Cob: No, I am not. Now you listen to me, if you jump, you are not gonna wake up remember? You are gonna die, now , just, just back inside, come on. Step back inside so we can talk about this.

Mal: No creeping doubts, not have a feeling of prosecuting doom, chased around the globe by these incorperations, these forces, the way that the projections prosecute between us. So, they don't believe in one reality anymore, so choose, choose to be here,
choose me.

A: I guess I thought that the dream space will be all of our pre visual, but it is more about feel it, my question is what happens when you start messing with the physics about.....
(由于小女孩是梦的设计师,所以当她问道:“what happens when you start messing with the physics…”的时候她的潜意识想到了要mess the physics所以就马上在自己的梦中出现了空间倒转折叠的事情,而作为subject的cob看在眼里,潜意识被“这是梦”这个概念刺激于是他的潜意识在梦中的投影,也就是路人,都向小女孩convergent 过来。.)
      something, isn't it?

Eames: Cob, did we miss it?

Cob: Must flown you off, that isn't her last phone number, really isn't , only 6 digits. I am afraid you've made a friend someone stealing your wallet like that.

Cob: Why is that?

Cob: Listen, you drive carefully , all right, if you've done this, keep in stick I am still.

Fisher: What tout?

Cob: So how did we end up here?

James: Year, When are you coming home dad?

Saito: I could do it.

A: how?

Mal: You know how to find me, you know what you have to do.

Cob: You came prepared.

Cob: It doesn't matter. I can get there trust me , the information is in the safe, he looked right at that when I mentioned "secrets".

Saito: He sold you out, part the company and bargain for his life.
           So I offer you the satisfaction.

Arther: So you know about these risks, you didn't tell us.

Cob: Why aren't we do that for everything, Mr fisher? I believe they have sedated and if you, if you pull that trigger, you may not wake up, you may going to a further dream state now, you know what I'm talking about. You remember the training, remember what I said to you, give me the gun.


Cob: look , I brought this , give them to the kids if you have a chance.

A: The elegant solution for keeping track of the reality.
     Is this your idea?

COb: sweetheart, look at me!!!!
          Mal !!!!, no, jesus christ.

Fisher: Yeah.

Cob: feel that, you have actually been trained for this, Mr fisher, pay attention to the strangness of the weather, the shift of the gravity. None of this is real, you are in a dream.
Now the easiest way for you to test yourself is to try remember how you arrive this hotel, can you do that? Breath, breath, remember you are training, except the fact that you are in the dream and I am here to protect you. Go on.

Arther: How you translate a business tradegy to emotion?

Arther: A totem is a small......

Indian: Cash, cards, I.D., I don't know this.

Saito: I need to protect my investments.

Arther: Cause that has to be a seven forty seven.

Cob: Looks like we have enough ten hours, Ariadine.

COb: No,I think we should run with Mr. Charles.

Arther: Horizon roof.
             Are you OK?

Cob: And we have to find her, she has fisher, just want to come after me.

Cob:Please, these are not my children.

Fisher: Yes, he is my father.

COb: Just get him upstairs.

Saito: Can you do it?

Cob: She had to lock something away, something deep inside her.
          The truth that she went under, she chose to forget. Limbo became her reality.

Cob: if you run them together all you want, you're not gonna breath.

Indian: The compound will be used to create very clear connection with quickly responsible.
              Actually accelerating brain function.

Mal: You said we would be together! You said we would go home together!!

Saito: Hey Mr cob,how would you like to go back home? to america, to your children.

Eames: Just remember to do it before the kick.

Cob: It is not strictly speaking illegal.
        You have two minutes to design a maze that takes one minute to solve.
        stop, you have to do better than that.
        that's what I want.

Eames: So you let us into this war, there is no way out.

father: money.

Eames: Well this does not mean I could not go back to my family, isn't it?
             What a shame I really want to know what happened in that room.

Eames: The vurcher is a certaining. The sicker the Mories fisher becomes, the more powerful peter browning becomes. An appropriate opportunity to observe Browning. I got the physical presence study as metalisms so long so forth. Now at the first layer of the dream I can imperson in Browning. And suggest concept in fisher's conscious line. Then we take them level deeper, his own projection of Browing should feed right back to him.

A: So you will use the timer?

Nasha: In my dream.

Cob: Just , just step back inside. All right? Just step back inside.

Cob: I had it under control.

Saito: I've always air this carpet. The same fate in such distant worlds, let just know I made a war. ????
            Which means, I'm not lightening my carpet in my apartment, you are living without your vividation Mr Cob. I am still dreaming.

Cob: the some subconscious you got on you, Cob. She is a real charmer.

Saito: And your ??? is obvious.
            So, leave me alone.

Eames: So that's it, then we failed?

A: How will you know?

Fisher: ......the kidnapper's working for you? You are trying the make the safe open? They ??????

A:She is his wife?

A: I tried not to come, but...

Fisher: Why would he suggest such a thing ?

Cob: Saito, this isn't your typical cooperative ?????
          You ask me for the inception and I want you to understand the gravity of that request. The seed that we plant in this man's mind will grow into an idea, this idea will define him. It may come to change, it may come to change everything about him.

Cob: Why did you, why would you do that?

Indian: You will see canvassed to formulate compounds for job.

Cob: Trust me, this is what I do, he is hiding something, we need to find out what that is.
         I need you to do the same thing to him that he was going to do to you. We went into his subconscious to find out what he doesn't want you to know.

Cob: We have sacked every bit of information you had in there.

Women: Mr Saito, can I have a moment?

Fisher: I don't know any combination, not consciously in me.

Arther: I don't know if he can, he won't. He thinks it's safe if he doesn't know the layers.

Mal: I thought you might be missing me.

Attorney: Right now, or never, Come.

Saito: Elephants.

father: I've never talked you to be thief.

Cob: What? This is where we shall be. Come on.

A: five minutes? we were talking for like at least an hour.

COb: about 500 dollars , right? Don't worry about it , my people are already ????speak.

Cob: What is the most brilliant parasite? Bacteria, virus, intestinal worm?

Cob: Move fast!
          This is ten seconds from the jump, which gives Arther three minutes, which gives us what?

Philip/James: Good, Ok I guess.

Cob:We were lost there, I knew we needed to escape, she wouldn't accept that. she locked something away, the truth that she chose to forget. She couldn't break free. So I decided to search for it, I went deep in her mind and found that secret place, I broke in, then I planted an idea, the simple idea that changed everything. That her world wasn't real.

Old man: No, they come more frequently, the dream has become their reality. Who would you just they otherwise?

Fisher: Let, let me talk to him and I will find out.

A: You could've warn them, if this is getting worse.

Cob: ready.

A: Fisher has lost the track.
    No, she she is not real.

Cob: OK? Who just said Ok? Is that you, James?

Eames: You love me back, year?

Attendant: Would you want any drink?

Indian: His whole share. He said he had done it before.

Fisher: 528491
其实这个数字没有什么意义,因为蒙面的Arther说了“give me first six numbers that comes into your head right now”, fisher不知道保险箱的事当然不知道密码,所以他只是报了脑中随意蹦出的数字,但是在梦境第二层这个数字就很有用了,因为fisher自己说了这个数字,进入了subconscious,在fisher入下一层酒店之梦的时候会自认为这个数字有重要含义,小女孩也根据528491的数字设计了491房在528房正下方,这在现实中不可能。并把睡眠机放在528房,这都是为了让Cob扮演的Mr.Charles 能成功博得第二层梦境的那个fisher的信任。因为如果fisher不合作,又怎么让梦境第三层的病房感人桥段发挥作用呢?

Fisher: But he was....disappointed...

Cob: The securities are surrounding this place as we speak, 10 hours flight time is 1 week this level, that means each and every one of us will be killed that I can guarantee you. You have no other choices but continue on and do this as fast as possible.
          Downwards is the only way forwards.
          Get ready, you come on, let's go shake him up.

Cob: We built it for years, it all started from the memories.
          This way.
          This is our neighborhood. This is our first apartment.
          You see that building over there, this was when Mal became pregnant, this was our apartment.

Japanese boy: How did it go?

Cob: There is a way out. We continue on with the job, we do it as fast as possible.
         We get out using the kick, just like before.

A: No, there will ,there will be enough time down there. We will find him, as soon as Arther's music kicks in, just use the difibulator to revive him, we can use his own kick down below.
    Look, you could have him in there, as soon as the music ends, you blow up the hospital and we all ride the kick back up the layers.
(小女孩不愧为盗梦学术第一人,个人认为其造梦术比Cob高了一个等级,这是小女孩提出救fisher的方法,同时用到了Cob未曾使用过的嫁接和点击自我kick的办法,豆瓣上曾一度争论到底给fisher电击是为了配合自我Kick还是纯粹为了救活他,小女孩说as soon as Arther’s music kicks in, just use the difibulator to revive him,可见电击是为了配合kick的。)

Eames: I am afraid that....

Fisher: How do you know?

Arther: Mr. Charles.

Cob: We need you there you tail the compounds specific to our needs.

B(E): Maybe he did, maybe he just knows this combination.

Arther: I know, the dream is collapsing. I am trying to keep Saito wander ????
             ????'s gonna work, wake him up.
             Give him a kick.
             Drop him.

Browning (Eames): They thought I know the combination but I don't know it.

Arther: Calm down.

Saito: Nothing, but I can't speak for cobbo engineering.

Cob: Cause my subconscious feels that someone else is creating this world, the more you change things, quicker the projections start to converge at you.

Cob: Yes, but I want to see them up above, Mal.

Arther: Cob we should walk away from this.

Cob: You know I couldn't help but notice, but we happened to be related to The Mories fisher.

Arther: Might? we need to do a little better than " Might".

Cob: Mal!!! God damn it!!!

Cob: When the van hits the water.

Arther: five minutes in a real world gives you an hour in the dream.

Cob: Because they think I killed her.
          Thank you.

Cob: you are actually in the middle of the work shop right now, sleeping. This is your first lesson we share the dreaming.
A: it's just a dream, why would you...

Cob: It's not true. You left out a key piece of information, didn't you? You ????cause you knew we were reraped to. Question is why you let us in hall?

Eames: now this is a kick.

Cob: No, I am not. I did that I mean he is down here somewhere, which means I have find him. I can't stay with here anymore because she doesn't exist.

Cob: All right, you brief from one of the route to the complex, fisher, you are going with him.

Cob: Yeah, I think just fine.

Cob: I will come back.

Cob: I can't, sweet heart, I can't . I said " for a while" , remember?
         I told you I am away because I am working , All right?

Cob: filled with regret....

A: limbo?

Mories: No, no no no no, I was disappointed that you didn't try.


Cob: My dreams are still together.

Saito: just like the inception.

Eames: Thank you for your contribution, Arther.

A: He added a paradox to let him cut through the maze.

Fisher: You talk about dreams? You are talking about ....extraction.

Cob: Cobbo Engineering. That price on my head, was that dead or live?

Cob: get off here, back up, back up.

Cob: The second we get to that hotel with Robert Fisher his securities are gonna be all over us. You ???? I can get on this job.

Cob: We need to shoot this animosity to his father who is godfather.

Cob: My father doesn't want me to be him.

Eames: Look , here is a man here. He formulated his own versions of compounds.

Cob: but i never knew that I dealt with a growing mind like a cancer that left when she woke. You continued to think you need to go back to reality, you continued to think that your world wasn't real, and death is the only escape.
(Cob夫妻在Limbo待了几十年,最后Cob意识到limbo不真实,而妻子意识到不真实却不愿意相信,她把能确定是不是梦的陀螺封印在自己心中,Cob为了让妻子回现实,在Limbo中再次催眠妻子,潜入其梦中找到陀螺让它转起来然后锁上保险箱,这样当妻子在limbo中睡醒是潜意识中的陀螺是旋转的,那她就会想和Cob一起回现实了,所以两人卧轨了,但是在现实中醒来后潜意识的陀螺还在转,所以她还是认为这里是梦里,跳楼前对Cob说的“you are waiting for a train…..”的台词正是在limbo卧轨是Cob说的,这句话也留在了妻子的潜意识中。)

Arther: She was loving him.

Saito: Are you here to kill me? I know what this is, I've seen one before many many years ago. It belongs to a man ????

father: so you want me to let someone else follow you into your fantasy.

A: I just want to see what kind of tests you are doing everynight.

A: I, I am ....

Cob: Mr. Fisher, he is lying.

A: I mean what's down there for you?

B(E): These people are gonna kill us if we don't give the combination.

Cob: So why the hell you didn't?

Browning: Fisher, we need to talk about Parvaternie. I know this unappropriate, but it's imperative that we start to.

( Cob小组背叛者梦境第一层,窗外发生暴乱的小屋)
Guy 1: What are you doing, it's too soon.

Arther: In a dream you can cheat architecture into impossible shapes.
            That let you creat closed loops, by depend wrong steps.
            In infinite staircase.
            Paradox, so the closed loop like that will help you disguise the boundry of the dream you created.

 Cob: What did you get?

Saito: For someone like you to steal?

(Browning office)
Browning: I am not smelling subliment here, take him down.

Arther: Ok, here is me planting an idea in your head, I said you don't think about elephants. What are you thinking about?

Arther: you don't know that.

Cob: I choose to leave sir.

Cob: Under again.

Indian: Just why we need to plant deep in subconscious?

grandma: well it's enough, say byebye.

Eames: No, it's much pressure, Shiyo's driving.

Cob: A dream in your mind functions really quickly , therefore, time seem to feel more slow.

Browning: I am sorry. But he is wrong, you can build a better company than he ever did.

Arther: unconstructed green space.

A: like a coin?

Browning: Fisher Morral has been my entire life, I can't let you destroy it.

Mal: What are you doing?

A: Well I don't think they can be very strong to do it.

Cob:the tradition between france and united states is a bureaucratic nightmare, you know that.

B(E): Something for you.
          Mories always said that was his most precious gift to you. A will.

Eames: Who guides fisher in?

Cob: well.....

Cob: No, it's Mal's actually, this one spinning in a dream would never topple. Just, spin and spin.

A: Cob, what's down there ?

Saito: You got what you came for.

A: How could he been trained?

A: Each level relates to the part of the subject's subconscious that we are trying to access, so making the bottom level hospital, so fisher would meet his father, Am,,,you know, I...I actually have a question about this maze.

A: It was designed as a lab room

A: Yeah, I was making my totem, actually.

Fisher: I don't know it.

Eames: Oh, I am sorry I thought it is free.

Cob: We finish the kick before the next kick.

A: Why that's so important?

Cob: Coffee, one coffee.

Indian: That's the caverpart. I customized delitivetely an ear funcion unimpaired.
            That way, however deep the sleep, the sleeper still feels pulling.

Eames: Go, you bring him back using the kick I will be here waiting for you.

A: Will she be in there?

cob: not just money, you remember, it's the chance to build cathedrals and entire cities , things that never existed, things that couldn't exit in a real world.

Cob: We are supposed to do all saito's expection ?????engineering two hours ago by now and then we fail, it's time we disappear.

Eames: The security is gonna let you down.

father: i 've got some body better.

Nasha: ?????

Mal: You planted the idea in my mind.

Cob: Cause I am the most skilled extractor. I know how to search your mind and find your secrets. I know the tricks and I can teach them to you so even when you were asleep your defence is never down.
         Look if you want my help, you are gonna have to be completely open with me. I need you know my way around your thoughts better than your wife, better than your therapist , better than anyone. This is a dream and you have a safe full of secrets I need to know what is in that safe. In order for this all to work, you need to completely let me in.

Cob: Five.

Cob: Subconscious is motivated by emotion, right?
         We need to find a way to translate this into an emotional concept.

Girl: But how did these levels happen creating?

(recollection, the former limbo world)
Cob: You are waiting for a train. The train that will take you far away, you know where you hope this train will take you. But you can't know for sure, it doesn't matter, now tell me why.

Indian: I was bloody hot.

Cob: And to go into the field with us.

Cob: my creating something secure like, a bank or a jail, the mind automatically fills the information it is trying to protect.

Arther: Don't jump too soon, you are the one who shoot that kick beyond me.

Cob: Did she tell you? Or you know all along...

cob: when i am offering, you just let them to decide by themselves.

Fisher: Mories swore with reporting down?

Fisher: God damn it, wallet alone worth at least.....

Eames: Can we bring him that? Cause just breaking up his father's company is to screw you to the old man.

Eames: This is fisher's projection of Browning who I am following to see how he acts perhaps.

Saito: Go ahead.

Fisher: We are already under.

Arther: He will be lost.

Indian: Sharp enough?

A: this is your house?

Eames: We tried, before the idea was placed, somebody can take it.

Saito: Enjoy your evening gentlemen, as I consider your proposal.

Mal: Join me.

A: why did you do this too soon?

Cob: Philip, is that you? put grandma on the phone for me, will you?


A: All right, we need to get fisher.

Cob: Ryan Green from marketing.
          That's not true at all, is it? My name is Mr Charles, you remember me , don't you? I am the head of your security down here.

(level two, hotel)
Arther: It's too soon....

Cob: listen, I 'm gonna send some presents with grandpa, all right? And you will be good, you 'll be....

A: Arther told me she passed away.

Arther: It didn't work. The subject realized he was dreaming and the subconscious tore us into pieces.

Cob: I hear that, it's music.

Saito: simply enough.

Arther: Who did you do it to?

Cob: not exactly.

father: it takes more than the occasional stuffed animal to convince the children they still have father.

Cob: Mal you listen to me, all right? Mal look at me, please.

( 回忆)
Cob: Calm down.

Mal: I am asking you to take a deep faith.
Cob: No, I can't, you know I can't do that. Think a second, think about our children, think about James, think about Philip now.

A: Saito.

Cob: you don't understand, these are moments I regret in my memories that I have to change.

Saito: This time it seems there is.

Cob: Inception is not about being specific. When we get inside his mind, we are gonna have to look what we find.

Saito: I'm sorry, I mistook you for a good friend.

Saito: ????where they want to go.

A: They still have to cranp down the whole terrace.

Arther: I need to see it out of control.

A: No, he will be alright.

Arther: where are you go?

Fisher: I am sorry, who did you say you are?

Cob: How long do they dream for?

Cob: We won't wake him up.

A: What's that?

Philip: Hey daddy.

COb: Sorry the issue is more powerful like catharsis.

A: What was that?

Eames: You have one hour, now get something useful, please.
( 梦中一层,在废物里,Eames假扮成fisher的教父Browning,在fisher的脑中建立第一层概念,“你的老爸在他的保险箱里面存放了很珍贵的东西给你”。 Fisher对绑架他的人说他不知道什么保险箱的事情这是真的,而事实上他老爸到底有没有真的留什么东西给fisher都不一定,这一切的内容都是Cob小组杜撰安排,目的就是和最后一层实现安排好的风车桥段相呼应,让fisher因此深信不疑。当然这里的假扮Browning也为梦中二层成功离间两人埋下伏笔)
Fisher: What's that/

COb:The idea that caused you to question the reality that came from me.

Cob: Not these, these are my dreams.

Saito: Three linger in the dream, I am impressed.
           But in my dream , you play by my rules.

Fisher: They just went around....

Mal: It depends on what are you threatening. Killing him may just wake him up, but pain.....Paining is in the mind, and judging by the ?????

A: What are you talking about?

(plane, reality)
Plane attendant: We will be landing in LA in about 20 minutes, do you need immigration form?

Cob: Never recreate places from your memory, always imaging new places.

Eames: What are we gonna do right now?

Cob: We may cry together.

Fisher: I have no idea.

A: For what ?

Mal: You said you had a dream.

Eames: Some go back the way, I have to know something.

Mal: So what? Looks like artist taste?

A: It's just , pure creation.

A: How long do we have before the projections catch us?
     My subconscious seems plain enough.

Eames: What's inside?

Cob: Saito wasn't supposed to be shot in the chest.

Arther: I know how much you want to go home, this can't be done.

Cob: The worst case scenario, when he wakes up his mind is completely gone.

Saito: If you can just steal some idea from someone's mind, why can't you plant one there instead?

Arther: Right, but it's not your idea, because you know I gave it to you.
             The object's mind can always trace the genesis of the idea. True inspiration is impossible to fake.
(这就是为什么电影一开始Cob要从Saito脑中窃取情报只要走到梦境第二层而最后在fisher脑中植入情报却要走三层,因为亚瑟说得很清楚,the mind can always trace the genesis of the idea)

Cob:Think, Mr. fisher, think what do you remember from before this dream.

Cob: Saito couldn't make it, really?

Cob: You won't remembet the dream after you woke up, listen, it takes years of practice, you and Browning have been pulled into this dream because they are trying to steal something from your mind, I need you to focuse and try to remember what that is.
What is it, Mr. Fisher, think.

Browning: The will, Robert, that will, that is the last insult.
                  Tell you to build something for yourself, but telling you you are not worth in help his accomplishments.

COb: Water, please.


Saito: Are you coming to kill me? I am waiting for someone.

(dream level one, rainning city)
Indian: Did you see that?

Mal: Because we will be together.

Cob: Since the full nature of the dreamer, the attack is like white blood cells fighting infection.

A: we are dreaming?

fisher: But it's not.

Indian: 500 dollars, this cost him.

Fisher: I am not gonna throw away my inherance why would I?

Cob: A kick.

Cob: Strong enough to ham the windows?

Eames: Nothing.
       This is pretty wonderful , anyway, we need at least a good ten hour.

Cob:You know what I have to do, I have to get back to my children, because you left them, you know you left us.

Mal: you keep telling yourself, but you don't believe.
        What if you are wrong? What if I am what's real. You keep telling yourself what you know, but what do you believe? What do you feel?

A: What happened when you wake up?

Arther: You trusted him, why, we promised you had the share?

Cob: Why would you do that?

fisher: what are you doing?

Mal: Up above? listen to yourself, these are our children. Watch, James, Philiper...

COb: The feeling of falling you get to wake it, snaps you out of the dream.

Eames: Oh, he is the best, beyond our imagination.

A:COb stayed.

Saito: Then you do ????

Fisher: They had us in the back of a van.

Fisher: This is a dream? I just kill myself to wake up, right?

Cob: You shouldn't be here.

Cob: Who knows we are gonna be looking for a taxi in this one.

Eames: So this is your idea ????

Arther: Right now !! I say right now.

Saito: To convince me to honor our arrangement.

Cob: Mal, what are you doing here?

Indian: Did he bring his guards? he has guards?

Father: what are you doing here, cob.

Cob: We don't have time for this.
         I am getting off to ???

Mal: You remember when you asked me to marry you?

Eames: No, that is possibly possible.
               Just bloody difficult

Eames: There is no room for ?????, Mr. Saito.

Fisher: I'd better put this beside his bed, he hasn't even noticed.

Arther: So we take a look some paradoxical architecture.(

Cob: General Inspiration, right?
          Now in a dream, our mind continuously does this, we create and perceive our world simultaneously. Our mind does it so well that we don't even know what is happening.
           That allows us to get right in middle of that process.

Cob: yeah, what?

Cob: how complex is the idea.

Cob: GO check he is alive right now, do it.

A: They are still looking at us.

Cob: For not asking whether I did.

Cob:All right, let's go. I left my children behind and have been trying to buy my way back ever since.

Cob: I don't like trains, listen, everyman for himself.

Cob: reality? those kids, your grandchildren they are waiting for their father to come back home, that is THE reality.
         And this job, this last job, that's how i get there.
        I will not be standing here, if i knew any other way.
         I need an architect who is as good as I was.

Cob: we drop in limbo.

Lawyer: Right now, or never gone.

Cob: He is out.


Arther: Faster. ????

A: Then what about for her?

A: you mean in case you bring Mal in, you can't keep her out, can you?
     You can't build because he the knows then she knows the maze, she can sabotage the whole cooperation. COb, did others know?

Cob: put fisher in the backroom now, I am in the backwork.

Mal: Because we will be together.

Cob: Don't do that... Don't do that....

Cob: We don't just need a thief, we need a forger.

Cob: That explains the gravity shifts. You are in the back of a van , right now...now keep going.

Mal: I am going to ?????, you are coming with me.

Cob: Arther has a couple minutes, we have about 20.

A:Where is she?

Fisher: All right, what is in the safe?

Mal: Because you don't know you are dreaming!

Eames: I want to try this--- My father excels, but I want to create it by myself, not following his footsteps.

A: What happened here?

Cob: Cause we will be together.

Arther: What Mr. Cob is trying to say.....

Cob: Tell us what you know, tell us what you know , now !!

Fisher:You know the will means that dad wanted me to be my own man. It's what I am gonna do, what I am gonna...Ah....Ah....

Cob: We are in the fearence I will make you do seriously in the bar and say they have now?

Fisher: Yeah, neither do I.

Eames: We die in the dream, we wake up.

Mal: We've talked enough.
        Come out onto the ledge, aren't you brave?

Cob: It's so difficult for man of your position to keep a love nest like this secret, particularly when there isn't married woman involved.
         Here we are.

fisher: I am sure against kidnapping of 10 million, this should be very simple.

Cob: I start to panic, I realize that I would regret this moment, I need to see their faces one last time. But the moments passed. I wish if I do, I can change this moment, I am about to call out to them, they are running away. I've never gotta see their faces again, I've gotta get back home.

Saito: Browning , fisher senior's right-hand man, fisher junior's Godfather.
           It should be possible, unless I can get the right references.

Arther: Why cause you need to check out other compartment?

Mal: You are wrong, you are confused, our children are here. And you'd like see their faces again, wouldn't you?


A: I don't think I should tell you, if Mal....

James: Daddy, is mom with you?

A: why?

Cob: We have to come up with some kind of kick.

Arther: Yes, worth a shot.
            We should probably get out here.

Indian: Brian function in the dream would be about 20 times normal, eventually dream within that dream affects powerfully.

A: I am just trying to understand.

A: The team needs someone who understands what you are struggling with.
     And it doesn't have to be me. But then you have to show Arther what I just saw.

Cob: No, No, I am projection of your subconscious.
          I am sent here to protect you in event that these extractors try to pull you into a dream and I believe that is what's going on right now.

Arther: Fisher had an extractor teach his subconscious to defend himself so his subconscious is militarized, That should have shown in the research, I am sorry.

father: Ariadeni, I'd like you to meet Mr.cob.

Saito: I,I,I am sorry.

A: A maze.

Cob: I know I did.

A: how did architects become in advance?

A: Can I tell your subconscious to take it easy?

Indian: decades. Could be infinite I don't know, ask him he is the one who has been there.

Cob: Remember we did, we did, you don't remember. It seemed to be more than I could bear, but , we had our time together. We won't let you go, won't let you go.

Your faithful ???? looks like how when you are in it, it feels real.

Cob:Until we woke up from that after years, after decades.
         We come old souls thrown back into youth like that. I know something was wrong with her, she just wouldn't admit it. Eventually she told me the truth, she was possessed by an idea, this one very simple idea that changed everything. That our world wasn't real, that she needed to come back to the reality, in order to get back home, we need to kill ourselves.

Cob: Truth? what truth?

Cob: I just hope she is wrong about that.

Mal:What truth?

本来豆瓣上有一篇比较详细的《盗梦》逻辑分析, 但是发现仍然存在不是很清楚的地方,文后跟帖里仍然是问题不断争议不息,而由于盗梦翻译版和译制版指导近日才在大陆上映,参与讨论的朋友大多如本人一样是在其他地方看的原版,由于欣赏角度参差不齐很可能漏听或者是听错对白里的一些重要线索才导致对电影脉络似懂非懂,一时间数学流形理论,主角左手戒指理论,主角父亲幕后黑手等等说法四处飞扬。。。。。。于是我就想到那不如听写下来电影的全部台词然后在字里行间找到支持某个论点抑或是驳倒某个论点的证据,让这些电影中的人物自己告诉我们在那梦境深处到底发生了一些什么。然而即便如此,由于个人英语能力有限而又在课余时间仓促完成,听写及分析不免以偏概全,挂一漏万,请牛人指出错误, 让真理越辩越明。(红色部分是与情节逻辑有重大关系的地方,而连续问号处则是没有听懂的地方。)

Cob: How the maze is coming along?

Arther: Paradox.

Author: He knows.....What's going on?
              Saito knows, you should plan with this.

Fisher: We didn't have many meaningful experience together.
B(E): Perhaps after your mother died.

B(E): I don't know, some meaningful combination based on your experiences with Mories.

Eames: Get out on the different floor ????
               Dump the wallet, the security will look for that.

B(E): I just don't know, he loves you Robert, in his own way.

Cob: Oh I am, but, but I can't trust you anymore.

Cob: Not me. Find out the rule everything could be compromising.

Cob: depth.

Cob: Yeah, move.

Fisher: Yeah, who is the authority?